Tariq Foods
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Tariq Foods Co. is a premier manufacturer of top quality food products focusing on jam, ketchup, mayonnaise and tomato paste, servicing the whole country of Iraq. Founded in 1994, we have worked with several of the country’s top retailers to provide best quality food products which are customized to Iraqi people needs and desires, and are continually enhancing our product offerings. We have worked so hard not only to fulfill the requirements of our customers, but also to get the highest International certificates such as HACCP and ISO 9000.
Our well-equipped quality control lab, HACCP and ISO 9000-certified procedures and processes assure our customers extremely high standards of raw materials' quality, products' specifications, consistency, filled and drained weights, volumes, shelf life, and traceability.
Our production and product development team has a combined experience of over 100 years in the field of food processing. This allows us to tailor new products' designs according to our customers’ required specifications. We can also match the specifications of sample products provided by our clients in order to provide products with similar specs at reduced costs.
The Company is extremely well located in the Uweirij industrial area on the main North-South highway. We are only 15 minutes from downtown Baghdad, the International airport, and the main wholesale markets of Shorja and Jamila.

Latest News

Tariq Foods Co. Launches its website:

As a response to the market
technology we have launched
our website.

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Tariq Foods CEO in the Economist:

The Economist discussed the impact of electricity shortage
on the industrial sector, talking with our CEO about the difficulties that face the industry and its development in Iraq.

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